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Pull Off Amazing Shots

Pull Off Amazing Shots

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The MōVI Pro camera stabilizer systems gives you a professional stabilization with the flexibility to imagine and execute incredible shots. With the rigging expertise of BodiCo, you have a lot of options, from the Black Arm, camera car, jib arms, ATV, and so much more. IF you can imagine it, talk to BodiCo and let us help you take your best shot.

The Freefly MōVI systems let you do more:

Simple remote operation using either the Mimic Beta or joystick remote.

Available Wheels

Half the weight of other systems

Super stabilization

Hyperlapse capability

Works with BodiCo camera car, Black Arm, jib arms or ATV setup.

Complete packages with monitor, wireless follow focus and Wireless HD video available

xtra capacity battery systems for longer run times while powering camera package and accessories.

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