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A Full-Service, Lighting, Production Support and Drone Cinematography Company

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Grip it

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Light it

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Your Primary Source for
Lighting - Grip Rental & Service
Camera Support Equipment

Drone Cinematography and
Production Support Equipment & Services


Paul Bodi, Pilot & Key Grip

With more than 25 years as a key grip, specializing in operating jibs, dollies, stabilizers, and anything that moves a camera, multi-rotor drone technology was a perfect fit for his skill set. Paul’s cinematography skills were honed long before his first drone ever took off. This allows him to produce breathtaking images, setting him apart from other pilots who know drones, not film and video production. Let Paul to use his talent and ingenuity to augment your crew and help deliver the shots your clients demand.

todd chopper.jpg

Todd Pretre, Aerial DP

Todd’s captivating camerawork comes from decades of experience in a combination of environments; broadcast photojournalism, high-end agency work and now as the Director of Photography for his own production company.  Understanding the needs of clients when shooting and editing brand video, commercials, stories and marketing projects defines his work.  Bodi Company clients benefit from Todd’s experience operating camera and gimbal systems and flying a full-sized Bell Jet Long Ranger helicopter. When he’s not teaming up with Bodi Company, Todd is creating incredible images for clients of PrePro Media.

The Difference

The                         Difference


You don’t need an expert to fill a lighting truck with equipment. You only need an expert if you want it all to work. At BodiCo we keep, maintain and have a personal stake in the equipment we offer. We have our own on-site facilities to make sure our equipment is working at peak performance every time it goes out.

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