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Advantages of the Freefly MoVI systems:

  • Simple remote operation using either the Mimic Beta or joystick remote.
  • Half the weight of other systems
  • Super stabilization.
  • Works with BodiCo camera car, jib arms or ATV setup.
  • Monitors, wireless HD video and follow focus available with systems.
  • Ask about our octocopter system that pairs with the M10!

At BodiCo we take camera rigging and stabilization seriously.  The MoVI M10 and M115 camera stabilizer systems have allowed us to provide professional stabilization to Wisconsin with the flexibility needed to pull off a wide variety of UNIQUE shots.  Our techs are the best available at setting up or operating the MoVI.

The addition of the Mimic Beta has brought a whole new dimension to the remote operation.  Simply steer the camera.  Remote made easy! 

MoVI M10

     12 pound camera limit.

MoVI M15

     15 pound camera limit.

MoVI Mimic Beta

     Works with either MoVI system.