Honda 2000i

  • Eco Throttle or regular throttle
  • Very quite economical power
  • 1600 Watts rated output
  • 2000 Watts peak power 

$75/day plus gasoline used.

Generator Van

  • 600 total amps over three legs at 120/208V
  • 70KW output
  • Crystal controlled engine
  • Compact unobtrusive design
  • Super quiet at less than 50 dba at 50'
  • Van can tow extra generator or equipment trailer
  • The clear choice for lighting and camera truck power needs

$450.00/day plus mileage and diesel used by generator

Yamaha 2400I

  • Super Quiet with auto throttle.
  • 2000 watts continuos power
  • 2400 watts peak power

$75/day plus gasoline used.

BodiCo film production generators are Quiet! Van mounted crystal sync and blimped as well as small inverter style generators are quiet and precise.  Meticulously maintained to be dependable.  Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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