Speed rail rigging kit with parts cart

Hostess Tray

  • Square tube design.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Ball leveler included.


Hood Mount

  • Sliding tilt plate can be positioned anywhere.
  • Variable width from 3' to 9' for different applications
  • Square tube design for minimum flex.


Camera rigged ATV

  • Polaris ATV gives smooth ride and acceleration. Capable of 50MPH
  • Can mount vibration isolator mounts, hard mounts, MoVI etc.
  • Used for cross country races, commercials, etc.
  • Experienced driver/rigger has been covering cross country races for years.

Call for pricing.

Universal Tow Bar

  • Grabs most cars and trucks from underneath.  Rated for 7700 lbs.
  • Does not raise vehicle.
  • Easy hook-up.


F-250 Camera Car

  • Air ride suspension.
  • Adjustable shock absorbers
  • Camera platform on front or rear.
  • Very low mount.
  • MoVI and Weaver Stedman heads available to work with camera car
  • Jib arms available to work with camera car
  • Vibration Isolation mounts available
  • Motorcycle tow bar available
  • Full complement of car mounts and modular speed rail camera rigging.
  • Universal tow bar pulls most vehicles while on the ground.  Does not raise vehicle on trailer.
  • Driver experienced 20+ years.

$450/day plus mileage.  

(262) 238-9393